Freak Like Me

A Song By Adina Howard


When she dropped this song in the 90’s, she made it clear there was no taboo in a black woman publicly declaring her love for good sex. This song made her a household name. Nobody’s gonna do U like her in FREAK LIKE ME. It’s all about the dog in her. So do U wanna ride?



Kicker: Blast From The Musical Past

- A Song By The Manhattans

The Manhatttans

Honey you are my shining star, Don’t you go away, oh baby, Wanna be right here where you are, Until my dying day, yeah baby…

So many have tried, tried to find a love like yours and mine

Girl don’t you realize how you hypnotize, Makes me love you more each time, Yeah baby

Honey I’ll never leave you lonely, Give my love to you only, To you only, To you only…….

One of the finest of R & B to ever get made in the 20th century. This song never fades in its romantic appeal. A song for all ages.

Check it out and have fun!



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